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Allochroa layardi (H. & A. Adams, 1855)

Description: Shell small, stout, spire about 3 whorls, aperture slightly less than half of total shell length. Spire straight-sided, whorls weakly convex. Whorls sculptured with spiral cords, about 6 on spire whorls and 20 on last whorl. Aperture moderately broad, with 3 folds on inner lip; outer lip smooth internally (Fig. 1), but in mature shells a ridge extends into aperture (Fig. 2). Umbilicus absent. Colour orange or brown with 1 or 2 white spiral bands.

Size: Up to 8.5 mm in length.

Distribution: Tropical Indo-West Pacific. In eastern Australia, as far south as Sydney. The Australian Museum collection shows the species occurring commonly in northern and central Qld, and less commonly southwards to Hervey Bay. The only records from south of Hervey Bay are 6 lots from Sydney, 4 of them collected in the late 19th century, and 2 in the mid-20th century. Perhaps it is not a permanent member of the fauna in southern Qld or NSW.

Habitat: The habitat of this species is not recorded, but other ellobiids live in the upper littoral region in mangroves and saltmarshes.

Fig. 1: Mosman Bay, NSW (C.55333).

Fig. 2: Bowen, Qld (C.411740).


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