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Dimya corrugata Hedley, 1902

Description: Shell attached to substrate by right (lower) valve. Shape: subcircular, lower valve deeply cupped, upper valve concave, umbo prominent, central on hinge line. Hinge line short. Interior white, corrugated by external sculpture; two muscle scars present, the anterior one small and elongate, the posterior one consisting of two joined circular sections (not visible in Fig. 1); lirae across margin at dorsal end. Exterior with foliaceous concentric layers; lower valve irregular where attached to substrate, both valves with coarse, irregular radial folds. Shell colour translucent white.

Size: Up to 16 mm in height.

Distribution: The Australian Museum collection holds many specimens from central Qld southwards to Batemans Bay, NSW, from depths of 50-500 m. There are also specimens from WA, but it is not clear if they are the same species or not.

Habitat: Lives subtidally, attached to solid substrates such as coral, rock or shells.

Comparison: Dimya japonica Habe, 1971 from Japan looks similar.

Fig. 1: South east of Clarence River, 405-412 m (C312406, specimen 1)

Fig. 2: South east of Clarence River, 405-412 m (C312406, specimen 2)


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