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Paradentalium octopleuron (Verco, 1911)

Description: Shape shell slightly curved. Weight solid. Aperture diameter up to 2.5 mm. Apex diameter 1.2 mm. Sculpture at apex of 8 strong, rounded ribs which continue to the aperture; interstices slightly concave, sometimes with weak longitudinal threads. Transverse sculpture absent, or present as weak irregular growth lines. Aperture octagonal. Colour white.

Size: Up to 31 mm in length.

Distribution: Global distribution unknown. Within Australia: Southern Australia from northern NSW, southwards around southern Australia, to Joseph Bonaparte Gulf, north-western WA.

Habitat: Known from 121210 m (Lamprell & Healy, 1998). Common. In NSW, the shallowest record is 366 m.

Remarks: Lamprell & Healy (1998) described this species as having a maximum length of 23 mm, but even amongst the material they cited are some specimens that reach 31 mm in length. Since their publication, the distribution of P. octopleuron has been extended to northern WA, with specimens from Joseph Bonaparte Gulf in the Australian Museum identified by Kevin Lamprell.

Fig. 1: 7540-1 East Of Sydney, in 750 m. (C.173004).


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