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Paradentalium francisense (Verco, 1911)

Description: Shape moderately curved, more so towards apex. Weight moderately solid. Aperture diameter up to 3.2 mm. Apex diameter 1.6 mm. Sculpture of 1416 raised longitudinal ribs starting at apex and continuing to aperture. Transverse sculpture of microscopic growth lines. Aperture circular. Colour white.

Size: Up to 28 mm in length.

Distribution: Global distribution unknown. Within Australia: southern Australia, from central NSW to southern WA, plus one (seemingly anomalous) record from Elizabeth Reef in the Coral Sea.

Habitat: Dredged in sandy mud from 27 to 550 m (Lamprell & Healy, 1998). Common.

Comparison: The large number of ribs (1416) that are continuous from the apex to the aperture uniquely characterise this species.

Fig. 1: St. Vincents Gulf, SA. (C.033491).


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