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Cystiscus connectans (May, 1911)

Diagnosis: Shell small, colourless transparent to opaque white; spire flat to low; outer lip thickened internally, smooth; external varix absent; siphonal notch absent; posterior notch absent; lacking collabral parietal callus ridge; columella multiplicate, with up to  eight widely spaced plaits/lirae.

Size: About 3 mm in length.

Distribution: Australian Museum collection: Twofold Bay, NSW, to Great Australian Bight , 16-570 metres.  Literature: NSW, Victoria , Tasmania , SA.  Uncommon.

Comparison: When describing this species, May commented on its variability plaits/lirae from three to six, spire flat to low, size 1.5 to 3 mm.  It is similar to C. angasi, but most specimens are more elongate, and the plaits/lirae are more widely spaced.  This is a subtidal species, that is not found as a beach shell.

Fig. 1: East of Grassy, King Island, Bass Strait, in 58-77 m (C.305957)

Fig. 2: Off Cape Pillar, Tasmania, in 183 m PARATYPES (C.028954)

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