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Cypraea cernica Sowerby, 1870

Description: Teeth coarse; base convex; margins angulate and pitted; ends produced. Base white, sides white with brown spots. Dorsum orange to olive green, but usually dark orange, with many small indistinct white spots. Mantle line distinct.

Size: Up to 37 mm in length.

Distribution: The Indo-West Pacific region, from Mauritius to Tahiti. In Australia known from Geographe Bay, WA to Shellharbour, NSW.

Habitat: This is a sub-tidal species. At Shellharbour it was taken by scuba diver at 21 m. Rare throughout its range.

Synonyms: The eastern Australian shell was given the name Erosaria tomlini prodiga Iredale, 1939.

Figs. 1,2: Kurnell, Botany Bay, NSW (C.064742)


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