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Austromitra volucra (Hedley, 1915)

Description: Shell solid, sutures channeled, aperture half of total shell length.. Axial sculpture of folds which are stronger on bottom of whorls; folds usually restricted to early spire whorls, but sometimes extend to all spire whorls and rarely continue onto body whorl as row of nodules on shoulder. Spiral sculpture usually absent, occasionally present as weak striae. Columella with four strong folds; outer lip simple, sometimes with about 10 weak lirae in deep interior. Colour very variable; fawn to dark brown or purple-brown, often with a pale spiral band at centre of spire whorls, continuing onto body whorl; the white band sometimes expands into large irregular white patches; columella white, base white.

Size: Up to 16 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Fraser Island, Queensland, to Forster, NSW.

Habitat: Intertidal, under rocks on rocky shores. Uncommon.

Figs. 1a, 2a: Shelly Beach, south of Yamba, NSW (C.325861)

Figs. 1b, 2b: Arrawarra Headland, NSW (C.376476)


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