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Coralliophila inflata (Dunker, 1847)

Description: Shell with rounded whorls with about 10 axial folds on the body whorl, with whole shell ornamented with densely scabrous spiral ribs. Body whorl with four large ribs above the periphery, and below the periphery, 12 major ribs with one small rib between each. Columella smooth, outer lip crenulated by external sculpture. Umbilicus barely open. Colour white.

Size: Length up to 45 mm.

Distribution: Japan to Indonesia and Australia. The Australian Museum holds only two Australian specimens, from off Wollongong and off Nowra, NSW.

Habitat: Australian specimens trawled in 450-500 m. Rare.

Synonym: Coralliophila akibumii Kira, 1962

Comparison: This species is very similar to Hirtomurex nakamurai, but Kosuge and Suzuki (1985) illustrate C. inflata as more elongate and less bulbous. Both species lack the shoulder keel and spines of Babelomurex lischkeana and B. nakamigawai.

Fig. 1,2: Off Nowra, NSW (C.125274)

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