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Conus sculletti Marsh, 1962

Description: Shell light to medium in weight; elongate with concave sides. Body whorl smooth except for faint axial growth striae. Shoulder sharply angled; spire flat to low, sometimes stepped; concave. Top of whorls on spire concave, smooth except for axial curved growth lines. Outer lip straight or concave centrally. Background colour white, marked with patches of orange brown, usually in three bands at top, midbody and base. Aperture white.

Size Up to 49 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Fraser Is, Queensland, to South West Rocks, NSW.

Habitat: Trawled in 125-220 metres. Uncommon.

Comparison: C. howelli is the only species of  deep water NSW cone that has even superficial resemblance to this species, having a similar elongate shell with concave sides, but it is readily separated by its tall spire and distinctive colour pattern.

Fig. 1   Off Cape Moreton, Queensland (C.170678)


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