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Conus musicus Hwass in Bruguiere, 1792

Description: Shell light weight. Body whorl convex at top half, straight below, sculptured with weak spiral ribs at base, sometimes extending to midbody. Shoulder angulate or subangulate, weakly to strongly nodulose. Spire low to moderate height, slightly concave to slightly convex in outline. Spire whorls with fine spiral grooves. Aperture narrow. Background colour white or grey, with broad grey, orange or reddish-brown bands above and below midbody, overlaid with dotted or dashed brown spirals lines from shoulder to base.

Size: Up to 30 mm in length, commonly 15-20 mm.

Distribution: Central Indo-West Pacific. In eastern Australia, as far south as Angourie, NSW.

Habitat: Shallow subtidal, down to 18 m; feeds on worms. Common in the tropics, abundance decreasing to the end of range.

Fig. 1  Wilson Is., Queensland (C.355956)


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