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Conus minnamurra (Garrard, 1961)

Description: Shell medium weight. Body whorl slightly concave to slightly convex in outline, sculptured from shoulder to base with 30-60 spiral ribs, of uniform strength, or slightly stronger at base. Shoulder sharply angled; spire low to medium in height, concave or straight, sometimes stepped. Top of spire whorls straight or concave, with 3-5 spiral ribs. Aperture slightly wider anteriorly, outer lip straight or slightly convex. Background colour white or cream, with 3 spiral bands of axial orange-brown splashes, sometimes forming continuous bands. Aperture white.

Size: Up to 36 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Capricorn Channel, Queensland, to Tathra, NSW.

Habitat: Known from 73-220 metres. Very uncommon.

Comparison: See C. wallangra.

Fig. 1  HOLOTYPE Off Botany Bay, Sydney, 110 m (C.063350).


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