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Conus miliaris Hwass in Bruguiere, 1792

Description: Shell moderately light to heavy in weight. Body whorl with convex sides, sculptured with nodulose spiral ribs at the base, smooth or weakly grooved above. Shoulder rounded to angulate, coronate. Spire low to medium height, straight or convex in outline; whorls coronate, with spiral grooves. Aperture wider at base. Background colour white, with poorly defined spiral bands of pink, grey, white or fawn, overlaid with spiral lines of alternating brown and white.

Size: Up to 43 mm in length.

Distribution: Indo-West Pacific. In eastern Australia, as far south as Sydney, NSW.

Habitat: Intertidal, down to about 10 m, feeding on worms. Common in the tropics, abundance decreasing to the end of range.

Comparison: Conus miliaris is similar to C. coronatus, but differs in the following features: less swollen body whorl, shoulder usually angled with more prominent nodules, generally lighter colour, and spiral brown and white lines are finer.

Fig. 1   Angourie, NSW (C.355140)


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