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Gatliffena fenestrata (Tate & May, 1900)

Description: Protoconch tall and prominent. Teleoconch elongate, of 5 whorls, spire slightly convex in outline, whorls rounded, aperture of shell length; shell angled at base. Sculptured with about 17 axial ribs, fading out at base, crossed by about 5 spiral cords, forming beads at intersections. Six spiral cords on base. Outer lip straight in profile, with no posterior sinus; slightly expanded, slightly thickened internally, smooth or with 3 elongate denticles. Columella callus smooth. Anterior canal moderately long (broken off in Fig. 1), slightly upturned, forming a contraction in outer lip. Colour white.

Size: Up to 9 mm in length.

Distribution: Recorded from NSW, Victoria, SA and Tasmania.

Habitat: Subtidal, 73-200 m, plus one beach record. Rare.

Comparison: See Exomilopsis spica.

Remarks: There are only five specimens of this species in the Australian Museum collection, the only NSW record being from 30 km east of Little Bay, Sydney, in 192-203 m. It probably belongs in the genus Exomilopsis.

Fig. 1: 30 km east of Little Bay, NSW, 192-203 m. The anterior end is broken. (C.373481)

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