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Euplica varians (Sowerby, 1832)

Description: Shell with spire straight-sided in outline, turreted; whorls shouldered, with axially elongate nodules on shoulder; aperture half total shell length. Whole surface sculptured with spiral cords,  sometimes absent above shoulder, about 20 on body whorl. Outer lip straight or weakly sinuous in profile, with shallow sinus posteriorly except in very mature shells, thickened along whole length externally; thickened internally and with 7-10 denticles. Columella callus sharp edged, with 3-6 denticles on outer edge, and 2 plaits separated by groove internally. Anterior canal not upturned, notch shallow. Colour variable; white or fawn with spiral or axial bands of brown; or brown tessellated with white.

Size: Up to 11 mm in length.

Distribution: Indo-West Pacific; in Australia, Rottnest Is., WA, around northern Australia to Sydney, NSW.

Habitat: Shallow intertidal; mainly known from empty beach shells. Moderately common in the tropics, uncommon in NSW.

Comparison: See E. poecila

Fig. 1:  Hastings Point, NSW (C.207157)

Fig. 2:  All from Hastings Point, NSW (C.207157)


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