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"Aesopus" plurisulcatus (Reeve, 1859)

Description: Protoconch of 1 -1 smooth whorls, with sharp-edged transition to teleoconch. Spire weakly convex in outline, whorls evenly convex, aperture 1/3 shell length. Whorls sculptured with spiral cords, 8-11 on penultimate whorl and 20-30 on body whorl. Axial sculpture absent. Outer lip sinuous in profile, thickened externally, with sinus posteriorly; usually smooth internally, but with 2-3 weak elongate denticles centrally in very mature shells. Columella smooth; weak denticle on parietal wall. Siphonal notch narrow, deep, sometimes extending into a short siphonal canal. Colour fawn, cream or tan, often with diffuse brown flames descending from suture.

Size: Up to 11 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Capricorn Channel, Queensland, southwards to Maria Island, eastern Tasmania.

Habitat: Subtidal, down to 188 m. Occasionally found as a beach shells. Common.

Synonymy: Aesopus filosus Angas, 1867.

Fig. 1: 2.5 km east of Magic Point, Sydney, in 54-60 m (C.306568)

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