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Pseudopisinna gregaria (Laseron, 1950)

Description: Shell minute, moderately tall spired, spire outline strongly convex. Protoconch of 1 whorls, teleoconch about 2 whorls. Surface glossy, smooth or with weak axial ribs; sometimes a smooth or weakly nodulose spiral band below suture, with a fine grove below. Aperture circular, outer lip only slightly prosocline, inner lip projecting from base. Umbilicus closed. Colour orange-brown to red-brown, often with translucent yellowish region before outer lip.

Size: Up to 1.1 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia: North Stradbroke Island, Queensland, southwards and around southern Australia to Perth, WA, including Tasmania.

Habitat: Common on algae in the littoral and sublittoral (Ponder & Yoo, 1980). Very common.

Remarks: A subspecies Pseudopisinna gregaria rugifera (Ponder & Yoo, 1980) occurs in central Queensland and New Caledonia, isolated from the nominate subspecies which does not occur north of Stradbroke Island.

Figs. 1, 2: Wimble Beach, Batemans Bay, NSW (C.353439)


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