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Synthopsis cf. exilis (Laseron, 1951)

Description: Shell very small for the family, broadly conical, spire weakly convex. Protoconch of about 3 whorls, all whorls smooth. Teleoconch whorls convex, suture distinct. Whorls sculptured with 3 spiral cords with interspaces equal to width of cords. Axial ribs cross spiral cords forming more or less circular beads at intersections, and nearly transparent rectangular pits in between; about 16 axials on last whorl. Last whorl with spiral 4 starting at top of aperture. Base smooth, concave. Outer lip of aperture thin. Anterior canal a deep U shaped notch. Shell colour fawn, base and columella brown.

Size: Up to 3 mm in length.

Distribution: Port Stephens, NSW, southwards to Ulladulla, NSW (24 lots)

Habitat: Specimens are from beach washup plus one lot from intertidal algae washings and one dredged from 46 m.

Comparison: This is very similar to S. exilis but the protoconch is smooth on all whorls.

Figs. 1, 2: Chinamans Beach, Middle Harbour, NSW (C.506325)


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