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Sirius cupiens (Iredale, 1931)

Description: Shell with whorls roundly shouldered, suture very deeply impressed. Spire whorls with 4 strong, weakly beaded cords below shoulder and 3 weaker cords above. Base of last whorl with 5 cords with intervening single threads. Axial sculpture of slanting riblets, most prominent on shoulder and between spirals on base. Umbilicus a narrow slit. Aperture almost circular; inner lip reflected onto columella, outer lip thin (broken). Colour fawn with spiral band of reddish-brown patches at the shoulder.

Size: Holotype 9.3 mm in length (not 11 mm as in original description).

Distribution: Known only from type; Sydney Harbour.

Habitat: From harbour dredging

Remarks: This was picked out of dredge spoil from Sydney Harbour, when the dredge Triton was forming shipping channels. It is probably a fossil.

Fig. 1: 4040-1 Holotype of Dolichosirius cupiens. Sydney Harbour, Triton dredge. (C.057753)


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