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Gergovia patricia (Thiele, 1925)

Description: Protoconch consisting of 1 smooth white whorls. Teleoconch whorls shouldered, with spiral ribs and axial folds, variable in strength. Spiral ribs 2-3 on spire whorls, 4-7 on body whorl sometimes with one or more weaker threads between; spirals thickened or nodulose where they cross the axial folds. Axial folds about 10 on body whorl and penultimate whorl. Aperture with short, broad, open siphonal canal; outer lip smooth or lirate internally. Umbilicus a narrow fissure behind columellar callus. Columella with two strong plaits. Colour white or fawn.

Size: Up to 6 mm in length.

Distribution: Recorded from Australia and Zanzibar Channel, East Africa. In Australia, off Swain Reefs, Queensland, to Bass Strait.

Habitat: Known from 91-1463 metres. Uncommon.

Comparison: Separated from G. haswelli by having fewer spiral ribs, and nodules at intersections of axial and spiral sculpture. The columellar folds are stronger than in G. haswelli.

Remarks: Only three specimens from the 20 lots available are mature; two of these show lirae in the aperture and the third does not. 

Garrard (1975) illustrated this species under the name Gergovia exigua (Smith, 1891), but Verhecken (1991) showed that to be an incorrect identification. Garrard's error was perpetuated by Wilson (1994).

Fig. 1  30 km east of Malabar, NSW, in 192-203 m (C.157173)

Fig. 2  S.E. of Lakes Entrance, Victoria in 155 m (C.089272).  This is the specimen figured by Garrard (1975, Fig. 4(1)) as Gergovia exigua

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