The following species was reported from NSW by Laseron (1975), but the status is doubtful:

Cancellaria australis Sowerby, 1832: The identity of this species is unclear. It is based on syntypes from "New South Wales", but in 1832 this included Queensland, and Sowerby was not scrupulous with locality data anyway. It is probably the same as the Queensland species figured by Garrard (1975) as Cancellaria elegans (R. Petit, pers. com.).

These are tropical Indo-West Pacific species, which have been rarely recorded from NSW:

Scalptia amasia (Iredale, 1930). Three records from NSW; Wooli (Garrard, 1975), Sydney (Coleman, 2003), Long Bay, Sydney (Barnes Collection)

Scalptia bicolor (Hinds, 1843). One record from Long Bay, Sydney (Barnes Collection)

Scalptia crossei (Semper, 1861). One record from Angourie.


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