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Africotriton carinapex Beu & Maxwell, 1987

Description: Protoconch consisting of  1 whorls, finely and sparsely granulate, with a weak carina. Teleoconch with moderately inflated whorls, with regular varices around the spire. Axial sculpture of moderate to weak folds, sometimes irregularly spaced; 10 folds on body whorl. Spiral sculpture of wide, low, rounded, closely spaced riblets, about 14 on spire whorls and 35 on body whorl. Outer lip with 10 weakly defined nodules internally on holotype, absent on paratype. Inner lip expanded to stand free of columella. Columella with two weak plaits, lower one stronger. Colour pale golden tan.

Size: Known specimens 11.7 and 11.9 mm in length

Distribution: Known from only two specimens. Holotype: off Sydney in 100 fathoms (180 m). Paratype: off Eden, NSW, in 274 m.

Figs. 1,2    PARATYPE Off Eden, NSW, in 274 m (C.139229)


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