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Bursa verrucosa (Sowerby, 1825)

Description: Shell solid and heavy, with indistinct varices every half whorl. Spire whorls with a central spiral row of large nodules, sometimes with a weaker row below. Body whorl with three spiral rows of nodules, which become more elevated and larger towards each varix. Columellar callus expanded, crossed by about 12 lirae, these white with intervening spaces reddish-brown; three stronger but shorter lirae at base of columella. Outer lip crenulate, with four pairs of denticles. Anterior canal short; posterior canal well defined, bordered by a rib spiralling into the aperture. Colour cream, with tops of nodules dark brown.

Size: Up to 57 mm in length.

Distribution: South-western Pacific; in Australia, southern Qld to northern NSW. Also Lord Howe Is, Norfolk Is, the Kermadec Islands and northern New Zealand.

Habitat: Shallow subtidal. Very uncommon.

Figs. 1,2: Lord Howe Island (C.153313)



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