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Cominella lineolata (Lamarck, 1809)

Description: Shell variable in shape and colour, usually eroded. Early spire whorls with axial folds, becoming reduced to a central row of nodules on later whorls and absent after the penultimate whorl. Spiral sculpture of broad, low spiral ribs, sometime obsolete; about four ribs on penultimate whorl and 15 on body whorl. Outer lip of aperture lirate internally, posterior canal well defined. Columella smooth, anterior fasciole strong. External colour fawn or grey, usually with spiral bands alternating black and white or reddish brown and white, or occasionally uninterrupted black; aperture fawn, brown or black.

Size: Up to 39 mm in length, commonly 25 mm.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Jervis Bay, NSW, to Hopetoun, WA, including Tas.

Habitat: In rock pools and in sand on rocky shores, both exposed and semi-exposed, from mid-tide level down to 5 meters. Abundant.

Comparison: See Cominella eburnea.

Synonym: Cominella alveolata (Kiener, 1834) was applied to a form with nodulose shoulders.

Remarks: The egg capsules are described by Smith, Black & Shepherd (1989, p. 860).

Figs. 1,2: Eden, NSW (C.072443)


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