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Zeacumantus subcarinatus (Sowerby, 1855)

Description: Spire whorls with strong, low axial ribs, 9-12 on penultimate whorl, sometimes with a spiral groove at top quarter of whorls. Body whorls with strong axial ribs on upper half and two strong spiral ribs on base. Outer lip of aperture thickened and flared outwards; siphonal canal strong but short; spiral rib within aperture on parietal walls forms narrow posterior canal. Colour dark brown, often with a lighter brown band at top of whorls; aperture brown, columella cream or brown. Operculum circular, corneous.

Size: Up to 15 mm in length.

Distribution: New Zealand and NSW; in NSW, known from Broken Bay southwards to Port Hacking.

Habitat: In rock pools at high tide level in bays and estuaries and on the open coast. Moderately common.

Remarks: This species has apparently been introduced into Australia from New Zealand. It was first reported from Freshwater, near Manly, in 1936 and was then well established (Iredale, 1936, p. 292). It is known from both sheltered localities (Gunnamatta Bay, Iron Cove and Balmoral) and from the open coast (Long Reef and Clovelly).

Fig. 1: Gunnamatta Bay, NSW (C.315641)


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