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Atlanta peronii Lesueur, 1817

Description: Shell planispiral with sharp peripheral keel, spire sunken, Spire conical, of 3-3 smooth, rounded whorls with incised sutures. Subsequent whorls, up to about 2, rapidly expanding; surface without sculpture; aperture elliptical, with simple edge. Peripheral keel a thin shelf with ragged outer edge on last whorl, also present as inter-whorl connector between whorls in mature shells. Shell colourless-transparent.

Size: Shell up to 10 mm diameter.

Distribution: Circumglobal. Newman (1990) reported this species as common and widespread in northern and eastern Australia.

Habitat: Planktonic. Seapy (2011) reported this species from Hawaii at 150 m depth at night and 200-300 m in the daytime. In NSW, shells are rarely washed up on beaches.

Remarks: Fig. 3 shows the live animal of a closely related species Atlanta gaudichaudi in normal swimming orientation.

Figs. 1, 2: Cronulla, Sydney (C.013015) (Spire is broken off.)

Fig. 3: Live animal of Atlanta gaudichaudi (From Newman, 2006, Fig. 3.17A)


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