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Samacar strabo (Hedley, 1915)

Description: Equivalve, inequilateral, Shape elongate, umbones one-fifth of shell length from anterior end, elevated, only moderately separated. Hinge line straight. Wider at posterior end; ventral margin straight or slightly concave. Hinge with 3-5 teeth on anterior side, about 8 on posterior side. Ligament external. Interior white, smooth apart from weak radial ridges between muscle scars, muscle scars clearly defined. Exterior sculpture of coarse, irregular, raised concentric ridges, beaded posteriorly. Periostracum thin, extending as short sheets ventrally. Shell colour white, in life obscured by periostracum.

Size: Australian specimens up to 13 mm in length.

Distribution: Known from Japan, China, South Africa and Australia. In Australia, from Cairns, Qld, southwards to Twofold Bay, NSW.

Habitat: Known from 20-500 m, attached by byssus to rocks and sponges (Kamenev, 2007).

Remarks: Kamenev (2007) reviewed the genus Samacar, extending the range of S. strabo from eastern Australia to Japan, China and South Africa.

Fig. 1: C.432975 Off Newcastle, NSW, in 146-175 m.



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