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Philippia lutea (Lamarck, 1822)

Description: Shell variable in height, spire convex in outline. Teleoconch whorls very convex, smooth or with very weak spiral threads, and a strong cord at bottom; periphery of last whorl rounded, with additional spiral cord. Base with very weak spiral threads. Umbilicus open but relatively narrow for family, margin coarsely toothed, weak folds radiating onto base. Colour yellowish tan, with alternating white and brown band below suture; alternating brown and white on cord at bottom of whorls and on periphery; base uniformly tan, umbilical margin white.

Size: Up to 15 mm in diameter.

Distribution: Australia and New Zealand. In Australia, from Woolgoolga, NSW, southwards and around southern Australia to Geraldton, WA, including Tas. Also Lord Howe Is., Norfolk Is., and North Island of New Zealand.

Habitat: Lives intertidally and subtidally on exposed rocky shores; empty shells from beach washup and down to 82 m. Common.

Figs. 13: Collaroy, NSW (C.367224).


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