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Granosolarium asperum (Hinds, 1844)

Description: Shell very low, spire convex in outline. Teleoconch whorls nearly straight-sided, with 8 densely beaded spiral cords; the 5th and 8th stronger than rest, the 8th forming a peripheral keel on last whorl. Base very convex, with 6 strongly beaded spiral cords between peripheral cord and umbilical margin; umbilicus very widely open with 3 of the base's beaded cords descending into it. Colour white or fawn, with lower 3 cords on each whorl pale tan in well-preserved specimens.

Size: Up to 16 mm diameter.

Distribution: Subtropical and tropical Indian Ocean, eastwards to Western Pacific Ocean. In Australia, occurs around the entire coastline.

Habitat: Subtidal, most commonly 35380 m; live specimens from 50100 m (Bieler, 1993). Moderately common.

Comparison: This species is neatly beaded somewhat like Heliacus enoshimensis, but differs by having 8 beaded spiral cords rather than the 5 in H. enoshimensis. The umbilicus is much wider than in  H. enoshimensis.

Synonymy: Claraxis illustris Iredale, 1936 is a previously recognised synonym

Figs. 13: 2 km East of Long Bay, Sydney, in 66 m (C.368223).


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