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Pisinna salebrosa (Frauenfeld, 1867)

Description: Shell minute, broad for genus, spire moderately convex. Protoconch of about 1 whorls, sculptured with spiral rows of minute pits, with distinct junction to teleoconch. Teleoconch up to 3 straight or weakly convex whorls, last whorl concave; early whorls smooth or with weak irregular axials threads; second last and last whorls with strong, oblique axial ribs, with spiral depression around middle of whorls. Ribs absent on last whorl, absent on base. Aperture oval, outer lip thickened internally, without varix externally. Colour dark orange-brown fading to yellowish with brown parietal region.

Size: Up to 2.4 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia: Cape Moreton, Queensland, southwards to Ulladulla, NSW.

Habitat: "Uncommon alive in the lower littoral; presumably lives in the sublittoral" (Ponder & Yoo, 1976). Common in beach washup around Sydney.

Comparison: See Comparison of Pisinna species

Synonymy: None.

Fig. 1: 4990-1 Ulladulla, NSW (C.353178)


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