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Pisinna frauenfeldi (Frauenfeld, 1867)

Description: Shell large for genus, solid, spire weakly convex in outline. Protoconch of 1 whorls, sculptured with spiral rows of minute pits, with distinct junction to teleoconch. Teleoconch up to 4 weakly to moderately rounded whorls; all whorls sculptured with oblique axial ribs. Aperture almost circular, sharp edged; outer lip without varix. Colour orange-brown, usually with diffuse white band on middle of last whorl, and sometimes white patches on earlier whorls.

Size: Up to 3.7 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia: Moreton Bay, Queensland, southwards to Mallacoota, eastern Victoria.

Habitat: "On low tidal and sublittoral algae and beneath stones" (Ponder & Yoo, 1976). Taken live down to 25 m. Moderately common in beach washup.

Comparison: See the Comparison of Pisinna species.

Synonymy: Estea jervisensis Laseron, 1950 and Estea narrabeenensis Laseron, 1950 are previously recognised synonyms.

Remarks: The white band on the last whorl, if present, is usually less diffuse than in the shell figured here.

Fig. 1:  Ulladulla, NSW (C.352779)


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