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Badepigrus badius (Petterd, 1884)

Description: Shell minute, tall and elongate, spire outline nearly straight. Protoconch paucispiral, rounded, with spiral rows of minute pits, and distinct junction with teleoconch. Teleoconch up to 4 slightly rounded whorls, usually without sculpture, occasionally with oblique growth lines. Aperture nearly D-shaped, with no anterior or posterior canals. Inner lip separated from last whorl by very narrow groove. Outer lip smooth externally, without varix; smooth internally, a little thickened. Umbilicus closed. Colour translucent fawn, becoming opaque with age.

Size: Up to 2.3 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia: Port Douglas, Queensland, southwards and around southern Australia, to at least central South Australia, including Tasmania.

Habitat: Known from beach washup and down to 120 m. Uncommon in NSW, more common in southern Australia.

Synonymy: Previously recognised synonyms are Rissoa (Amphithalamus) verconis Tate, 1899; Rissoa verconis var. apicilata Gatliff & Gabriel, 1913; Saltatricula improrsa Laseron, 1956.

Fig. 1: Off Sow and Pigs Reef, Sydney Harbour (C.137459)


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