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Amathina violacea (Angas, 1867)

Description: Shell cap-shaped, with small coiled apex behind the greatly expanded last whorl.  Protoconch coiled, about 1 whorl, smooth. Teleoconch sculptured with fine radial ribs and irregular growth lines. Last whorl with aperture irregular in shape, usually with length greater than width; margin irregular. Interior with horseshoe shaped muscle scar around the posterior part of shell. Colour white, pink, orange or violet.

Size: Up to 16 mm in length.

Distribution: Occurs in NSW, Vic, SA, Tas and south-western WA. Records from northern Australia are probably misidentifications of tropical species.

Habitat: Empty shells are common in beach washup. The species appears to live subtidally, but there are no reports of the habitat. The related tropical Indo-West Pacific species Amathina tricarinata (Linnaeus, 1767) lives on large bivalves, positioned near the lip, and sucks body fluids from the host (Ponder, 1987).

Figs. 1-3: Caloundra beaches, Qld (C.454080)



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