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Acanthochitona granostriata (Pilsbry, 1894)

Description: Animal ovate, narrowly elongate, girdle broad. Median valves shield-shaped, jugal area well-defined, smooth or longitudinally striate; lateral and pleural areas not differentiated, pustulose. Girdle with large tufts of fine spicules, one beside each median valve and 4 in front of anterior valve, with the intervening girdle area covered with dense minute spicules. Colour brown to grey with yellow to red markings.

Size: Up to 21 mm in length.

Distribution: Southern Qld, southwards to central SA including Tas.

Habitat: Intertidal, under stones, low intertidal and subtidal.

Comparison: This species is similar to A. coxi but the latter is larger (up to 34 mm in length) with coarser shell sculpture and larger spicules on the girdle.

Synonymy: A small individual of this species from SA was named Acanthochiton tatei Torr & Ashby, 1898.

Fig. 1: From Macpherson & Gabriel (1962) Fig. 17. 

Fig. 2: Detail of valve sculpture (C.049837, Port Stephens, NSW). In this century year old specimen the girdle spicules and tufts have been lost.

Fig. 3: Detail of girdle spicules (C.148882, Shelly Beach, Manly, NSW).


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