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Couthouyia gracilis (Henn & Brazier, 1894)

Description: Shell small, spire greatly elevated. Protoconch colourless transparent, of 1 whorls, offset about 15 to teleoconch, sculptured with fine spiral rows of pustules; well defined junction with teleoconch. Teleoconch of about 3 rounded whorls, with fine spiral threads and irregular axial growth lines. Aperture elongate oval, outer lip smooth, inner lip of aperture smooth. Umbilicus a fine slit. Colour white, translucent.

Size: Up to 3.8 mm high.

Distribution: Known from only a few specimens from Sydney Harbour plus one lot from Callala Bay, NSW.

Habitat: Known only from empty shells from beach and shore washup. Rare.

Fig. 1: 4020-1 Callala Bay, NSW (C.211253). SEM photo Sue Lindsay, Australian Museum.

Fig. 2: 4021-1 Protoconch, same specimen as Fig. 1. SEM photo Sue Lindsay, Australian Museum.


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