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Family  Trimusculidae

Trimusculid limpets




This family, previously known as Gadiniidae, has only 7species. They have limpet-shaped shells, strongly radially ribbed, and occur on rocky shores in cryptic positions with high turbulence. They are air breathing molluscs, equipped with a breathing cavity connected to the outside with a narrow opening, but no gill. They appear to be able to respire in both water and air.

Family Reference:

Hubendick, B. 1946. Systematic monograph of the Patelliformia. Kungl. Svenska Vetensk. Handl., ser. 3 23(5):1-93.

Walsby, J.R., Morton, J.E. & Croxall, J.P. 1973. The feeding mechanism and ecology of the New Zealand pulmonate limpet Gadinalea nivea. Journal of Zoology, London 171: 257-283.


The only NSW species is detailed here.

Identification Notes

The distinguishing shell features are a horseshoe-shaped internal muscle scar and a siphonal groove from the right side front of the muscle scar to the margin. The muscle scar is open at the anterior end.


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