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Stephopoma tricuspe Mörch, 1861

Description: Shell irregularly spiral, or contorted, surface with very coarse and irregular growth ridges. No longitudinal sculpture. No slit. Colour dirty white.

Size: Specimens available up to 30 mm, tube outside diameter 4 mm.

Distribution: Recorded only from Sydney Harbour.

Habitat: Unknown.

Comparison: Distinguished within the family by absence of a longitudinal slit.

Remarks: There are only two lots of this species in the Australian Museum, both of which are figured here. Hedley (1913) gives a figure of the shells and operculum of specimens in the British Museum "perhaps types". Bieler (1997) discusses this species, and figures the protoconch and opercular bristles.

Fig. 1: Sydney Harbour, dredge Triton (C.407601)

Fig. 2: Port Jackson, NSW (C.407561)


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