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Family  Scaphandridae

Scaphandrid bubble shells




The family name Scaphandridae is used here for convenience, as there has been no modern evaluation of the single NSW species referred to the family. Scaphandridae as a family name was introduced in 1878, and used at that time for a range of elongate bubble shells. But in 2005 it was declared a synonym of Cylichnidae, where it remained until 2009, when it was reinstated by Malaquais et al. (2009). They pointed out that the animal of Scaphander differs from Cylichna by lacking jaws, having calcified gizzard plates, a pyriform shell and an animal larger than the shell. As no investigation has ever been untaken into the only NSW species, Scaphander illecebrosus,it is impossible to be sure which of the interpretations of Scaphandridae or Cylichnidae is appropriate. It resembles other Scaphander species in shape.

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