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Scaliola sp.

Description: Shell minute, tall and slender, with well-rounded whorls. Protoconch multispiral, smooth, ending with a strong varix on upper half of whorl (not visible on figured specimen). Teleoconch of about 5 whorls, with sand grains attached; irregularly pitted where these are lost, without spiral or axial sculpture. Aperture oval, with peristome entire, without anterior or posterior canal; out lip simple, not thickened. Colour that of attached sand grains, otherwise white to fawn.

Size: Available specimens up to 1.5 mm in length

Distribution: Only two specimens known from NSW; Batemans Bay, NSW; Middle Harbour, Sydney.

Habitat: Both specimens are from beach washup.

Remarks: There are only two specimens of the genus Scaliola from NSW in the Australian Museum collection. There are many Queensland specimens, of at least two species, apparently different to the species figured here. The name Scaliola caledonica Crosse, 1870 was used in the NSW checklist (Iredale & McMichael, 1962), but the type figure of that species does not match the specimen illustrated here.

Fig. 1: 4799-1 Batemans Bay, NSW (C.212346)


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