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Syrnola jacksonensis Laseron, 1951

Description: Shell large, moderately wide, spire convex in outline, last whorl 1/3 of shell length. Protoconch unknown. Teleoconch whorls straight-sided or convex, suture well defined, whorls smooth, without sculpture. Aperture teardrop shaped, moderately wide; columella with one strong plait. Shell white; with a brown band above suture.

Size: Holotype 9 mm in length.

Distribution: Only specimens known are the holotype and one other specimen, both from Sydney Harbour.

Habitat: Holotype dredged in 15 fathoms (27 m); other specimen from unknown depth.

Remarks: The protoconch is broken in both of the available specimens, but Laseron had apparently seen it; his description suggests it was the normal pyramidellidid type B.

Fig. 1: Between Sydney Heads, NSW (C.105303 HOLOTYPE)


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