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Agatha manifesta (Hedley, 1912)

Description: Shell large for family, elongate and slender, up to 10 whorls, spire weakly convex in outline, last whorl half of shell length. Protoconch coiled (Type B) of 2 whorls, set on teleoconch with axis inclined at about 120 to teleoconch. Teleoconch whorls straight-sided or very weakly rounded, smooth, suture well defined. Aperture teardrop-shaped, length twice the width; columella with single strong plait. Shell opaque white.

Size: Up to 13 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia: The confirmed range is from Clarence River, NSW, southward to Gabo Island, Victoria, but there are a few specimens from central and southern Queensland, and a few from South Australia and south-western WA that are tentatively identified as this species. Uncommon.

Habitat: In NSW, empty shells are known from beach washup and down to 55 m.

Comparison: This species stands out because of its large size, almost straight spire and relatively few whorls.

Fig. 1: Sydney Harbour, NSW (C.340606)


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