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Larinopsis ostensus Iredale, 1936

Description: Shell thin, translucent, of 4 whorls including protoconch. Protoconch smooth, number of whorls and junction with teleoconch unclear. Early whorls with deep suture, last whorl detached. Sculpture restricted to strong, irregular axial growth lines. Aperture almost circular; lips thin, smooth, inner lip flared; no anterior or posterior canal. Umbilicus widely open. Colour white. Periostracum unknown.

Size: Holotype 17 mm high.

Distribution: Known only from the holotype; off Jervis Bay, NSW, in 65 fathoms (119 m).

Comparison: Larinopsis turbinata (Gatliff & Gabriel, 1909) is a similar Victorian species, also rare. It is less elongate than L. ostensus and the whorls are not uncoiled.

Remarks: This species does not conform to the accepted shell characteristics of the subfamily Fossarinae, being placed here because of its similarity to Larinopsis turbinata (Gatliff & Gabriel, 1909), from Victoria. The latter species was placed in Fossaridae because the type had 400 embryonic shells in a brood pouch (Gatliff & Gabriel, 1909).

Figs. 1,2: HOLOTYPE Off Jervis Bay, NSW, in 65 fathoms (119 m) (C.060695)


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