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Jupiteria oculata (iredale, 1925)

Description: Shell solid. Shape inflated, equivalve, almost equilateral. Umbo at midline. Anterior end rounded, posterior end a little drawn out. Posterior dorsal margin slightly concave. Umbones low. Hinge taxodont, about 12 teeth on posterior side, up to 20 on anterior side. Interior with muscle scars and pallial line well-defined. Exterior smooth dorsally, with irregular, coarse growth lines ventrally. Shell opaque white with fawn periostracum.

Size: Up to 17.5 mm in length.

Distribution: East of Cape Moreton, Qld, southwards to off Botany Bay, NSW

Habitat: Known from 120-140 m depth. Only 4 lots in Australian Museum collection.

Comparison: This species is similar to Jupiteria fortis, but much larger.

Fig. 1: Off Botany Bay, NSW, in 128 m (C.305908)

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