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Limatula powelli C.A. Fleming, 1978

Description: Shape: Elongate-ovate, maximum width above centre of height; anterior, posterior and ventral margins smoothly rounded. Auricles not prominent, no contraction of margins below auricles. Umbo central and elevated. Hinge line straight, with small equal-sized auricles at either end, with central wide, triangular ligament pit. Interior smooth with external sculpture showing through. Exterior sculpture of about 45 narrow, distant, weakly beaded ribs, with wider interspaces; 2 central ribs slightly stronger than others. Ribs persisting on sides, auricles smooth. Periostracum not seen. Shell colour white, translucent.

Size: Holotype 8 mm in height.

Distribution: Australia, New Zealand and Kermadec Islands. In Australia, known from off Narrabeen, NSW, southwards to south of Cape Wiles, SA.

Habitat: Off Narrabeen 146 m; E of Gabo Is. 433 m; off Cape Wiles 183 m.

Comparison: This species is distinguished by its small size, elongate outline and ovate profile, non-protruding auricles, and the margins not contracted below the auricles. The radial sculpture extends onto the lateral margins of the shell.

Fig. 1: 22 miles (35 km) East of Narrabeen, NSW, in 146 m (C.398953)


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