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Conus muriculatus Sowerby, 1833

Description: Shell moderately heavy to heavy. Body whorl slightly convex at top, straight sided below; sculpture variable, from a few spiral ribs on base with rest of whorl smooth, to strongly nodulose spirals from shoulder to base. Shoulder angulate, smooth to strongly nodulose. Spire low to moderately high, concave in outline. Spire whorls smooth or nodulose, with fine spiral grooves. Aperture narrow. Background colour white, marked with broad spiral bands of yellowish-green or brownish-green above and below a white central spiral zone; purple-brown zone at base.

Size: Up to 62 mm in length, commonly 25-35 mm.

Distribution: Indo-West Pacific. In eastern Australia, as far south as Woolgoolga, NSW

Habitat: Intertidal to about 70 m, feeding on worms. Common in the tropics, abundance decreasing to the end of range.

Fig. 1  Angourie, NSW (C.131963)


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