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Anabathron scrobiculator (Watson, 1886)

Description: Shell minute, solid, spire convex in outline. Protoconch paucispiral, rounded, punctate, with strong varix forming distinct junction with teleoconch. Teleoconch whorls rounded, smooth. Aperture ovate, largest dimension inclined about 60 to shell axis, with no anterior or posterior canals. Inner lip of aperture separated from previous whorl by distinct channel, wider posteriorly. Outer lip expanded, with weak varix externally, smooth internally. Umbilicus closed. Colour brown or white.

Size: Up to 1.2 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia. Pittwater, Sydney, southwards to Bermagui, NSW.

Habitat: The Australian Museum holds only four lots, all empty shells from beach washup. The type was dredged from Sydney Harbour.

Comparison: This is similar to A. luteofuscus but has a more slender shell. It is rare, while A. luteofuscus is moderately common.

Synonymy: None.

Fig. 1: Manly Ocean Beach, NSW (C.137472, specimen 1)

Fig. 2: Manly Ocean Beach, NSW (C.137472, specimen 2) (Specimen gold plated for SEM photography)


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